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Saeka Ohba

Skills: Hip-Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Japanese and New Zealand traditional dance


- Hip Hop dance teacher at Chilton Saint James School in New Zealand

- Hip Hop dance teacher at NPO Seven Spirits in the Philippines

- Caretaker at Chilton Saint James School (Kindergarten) in New Zealand



- Nursery teacher at Run Run Room in Japan

- Dance Coach at Ikubunkan Dream School in Japan

- Leader of studying abroad debriefing session at Ikubunkan Global High School in Japan

- Performed Haka at New Zealand Embassy in Japan

- Graduated and acquired a dance teaching certificate at Glendale Community College in the U.S.


- Win-Win junior dance Club (Tokyo, Japan)

- Avex dance master (Tokyo, Japan)

- Avex artist academy (Tokyo, Japan)

- Ikubunkan Global High School (Tokyo, Japan)

- Chilton Dance Center (Wellington, New Zealand)

- Hutt City Dance Center (Wellington, New Zealand)

- Playground LA (Los Angeles, USA)

- Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio (Los Angeles, USA)

- Movement Lifestyle (Los Angeles, USA)

- Glendale Community College (Glendale, USA)

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